April 27, 2012

Orange Bicycle Tire

I was a little embarrassed to tell the guy at my LBS that I didn't want to purchase a tire that "didn't match" my sweet-ass rims. Glad I waited, since I had some research to do about this whole "700-xx" notation. The stock tires were 700-25C. Not even Sheldon Brown could tell me what the "C" meant, although it may have something to do with the French and their messed up bike measurements (see worst fixie conversion ever). I really wanted the Borat matchy-matchy orange, although I could only find them in 700-23C that I found out would work with my lovely Trek District. Also, these were folding tires, instead of non-folding, whatever the hell that meant. I own no Lycra, so I don't know what I am doing sometimes when it comes to bicycle lingo. Nevertheless, I got this Vittoria Rubino Pro III folding tire on myself, Presta valve extender and all, without too much trouble. 
vittoria rubino pro III orange bicycle tire on trek district