May 6, 2012

100,000 Mile Odometer

I dislike the recent contrived commercial with the gentleman who recalls some of the best miles on his Volvo or whatever. Or maybe the commercial simply the recalls the moments, hence the contrived adjective. Arthur C. Clark coauthored a book called the Light of Other Days, were it was possible to go back to any moment in time and view what happened using worm holes or something. Basically, all of our lives would became one giant DVR. Some rebelled by living in the dark as much as possible. Others figured what the heck and just started having sex in the street. Weird. So maybe that is what this commercial is all about: worm holes. Yeah, so I hit 100,000 on the CRV, the air conditioned died soon thereafter at 103,000 and now I count the miles until I will be cool again.
100000 miles on a car odometer