May 7, 2012

Telephoto Lens Coffee Mug

I like taking this coffee mug places because I like attention. Too bad it is not an attention grabber in most cases. It is really inconvenient to use as well because you have to unscrew the lid, i.e., no drink hole. I wish people would appreciate the lengths I go to impress them. Nevertheless, the real reason I posted this picture is to tell the story of almost losing my phone, which is cleverly disguised as being hooked up to the telephoto lens coffee mug. Anyhow, phone battery was almost dead, so put in airplane mode. Get home with friend from event, get out of car, we grab our tuxedo jackets, friend drives away in his car, I go into house and have panic attack because I can't find phone in tuxedo jacket pocket and believe I left it at hotel. Call hotel, they are very helpful, looking where I am convinced I left it.  They can't find it. I try to use the lojack program I have on phone to trace where it is and wipe data. Can't do it since phone is airplane mode.I change every password I have on God's green earth, twice. Don't sleep well. Wake up in middle of night and realize that spouse may have been correct, about friend and I switching jackets. Look at jacket. It is not my jacket. Phone could be in other jacket. Phone is in other jacket as friend tells me next day. Phew. Will take more precautions and not use airplane mode while outta the house. Wrote letter to hotel thanking them for effort, using typewriter. All's well that ends well.
fake telephoto lens coffee mug attached to droid x2 cell phone smart