May 9, 2012

Sod Installation

Nothing like a couple inches of grass to hide poor soil tilling. Nothing looks better than freshly laid sod. Then it starts getting used and abused and starts looking like a poorly shaven sheep. I don't even have a lawn mower, so I could be using the ghetto fabulous method of using a weed wacker to cut the grass. I used to have one of those push mowers, and thought about how green and eco-friendly I was, until I threw out my back and threw out the lawn mower (it was a dumpster dive anyhow). Well, let's hope this fine sod survives my dog, who is fenced off for three weeks in order to give the carpet a fighting chance. At least it rained on the day of install, score! Quick facts: 1 roll of this sod = 10 feet, wieghs 40-50 lbs, took 20 rolls to do the job, and fit 20 rolls in my minivan but forgot to take a picture of the "worst substitute for a pick-up truck ever."
sod that has been just been laid