May 9, 2012

Tilling Soil for Laying Sod

I don't think I have the requisite machinery to get this job done properly. The place I planned on getting the sod done said to till the soil to a depth of 6 inches. Are you kidding me? I do everything half-ass anyhow, so 3 inches it is. Now I was supposed to wet with 6-8 inches of water. What the hell does that mean? Are we talking about placing a measuring stick or cup somewhere and getting 6-8 inches. It may have said something about cans at each corner, and filling them halfway, or some bull like that. I was looking forward to pH testing since I imagine the dog peeing back here all the time created an acute acidic condition, however, it never happened for various logistical reasons. Apparently, it isn't even the acidity; it's the urea. Sometimes you just have to roll the dice, ya know? Anyhow, the sod worked great at first, then after the first cut about a month later, it all died. Next year I am seeding.
soil that has been tilled in preparation of sod