May 21, 2012


I call it my "number one dime." Stolen from Scrooge McDuck from perhaps the greatest animated show of all time, Duck Tales. This 10 cents is pure profit as I got the metal detector for free thanks to my 5-year career reward. The year is certainly vintage at 1987 making it worth $0.101, maybe, and it has a nice patine. In the dozen or so other hours spent metal detecting, I have found bupkis. The metal detecting community was not kidding when they indicated I would find about 90% pull tabs from old school beer and pop (not soda) cans. Turns out, the tabs used to not stay on the can, meaning an unsavory citizen would open said beer or pop can and toss the pull tab aside. We used to make jewelry out of the ones that do stay on the can, and we would pull or fling off by pushing against the grain, competing for the longest shot. Other than that, I have found condom wrappers and any God forsaken piece of junk metal there is. My own flesh and blood, who I thought would love trapezing through the forest looking for gold and Civil War artifacts, flat out told me all we were finding was "garbage." I've kept my dime, as a reminder to...something, I don't remember what.
dime found while metal detecting