May 21, 2012

Metal Detector

The first company I was ever with out of college gives you a catalog on your 5-year career anniversary (along with a certificate worth absolute zilch) with about 50 gifts among which you may choose one. Having had other colleagues hit the mark prior to me, I had plenty of time to think about what I wanted based on viewing their catalogs. Ever since I was a little kid I had dreamed of striking it reach using a metal detector providing me financial security, along with my Wade Boggs rookie card of course. Hence it was love at first sight. Something that I would never buy for myself because I am too cheap lands in my lap by way of the 5-year catalog. Too bad I knew nothing about metal detecting, and I was getting perhaps the second cheapest metal detector of all time (albeit from a reputable company), with the first cheapest being the ones made for little kids. I don't remember what else was in the catalog besides newfangled DVD players and what not, so maybe this wasn't the worst choice. 
metal detector for finding treasure and coins