June 21, 2012

How a Waiter/Waitress Should Open a Straw

This is an old waiter's trick to opening a straw without touching it. Just tear the raised part of the straw wrapper a few inches from either end and pull until you remove a piece of the wrapper entirely. You can then pull off the long piece of wrapper by holding on to the other end of the straw covered by the piece of short wrapper. Still holding the end of the straw covered by the short piece of wrapper, place the exposed, long portion of the straw into the drink. Leave the short piece of wrapper on the top to assure your customer that you have not touched the straw with your dirty waiter fingers. I am no germ freak, but this is how I open straws for myself and children, and I am bothered I can't do it with things like juice boxes which use plastic wrappers. There is one downside that the paper wrapper ends up on the table as a "crumbs" and have to be removed with a silent butler. Did I mention how horrible a waiter I was?
straw in wrapper with tiny piece removed