June 27, 2012

Shaving Cut with Straight Razor

Could have been worse. This was the only cut I got when the first time shaving with a straight razor. The thing is so sharp, it didn't even hurt. The cut did bleed for awhile because not enough collagen was exposed. It was my fault, not the blade's, because I wasn't sure how to hold it with my right hand and shave the right side of my face (thanks YouTube!). Probably needed more lather as well. I am using this kelp stuff, but maybe I will try the usual shaving gel next time, and do some more face prep to make sure the skin is soft. You can also see that there are still some whiskers meaning the shave was not well done. Putting sharp steel next to your jugular was not something I was accustomed to. UPDATE: a few months later and I can't imagine shaving with anything else but a straight razor. Only a few nicks here and there. I've had less in-grown hairs and more confidence after you've handled a blade for the day.
cut on cheek with from shaving with straight razor