July 7, 2012

Corded Phone

Corded phones are becoming things of the past. Yes, you can still buy them, and it pays to have one around the house in case the power goes out, that is if you are no on some type of digital plan. Come to think of it, the battery on my Dect 6.0 phone lasts for at least a day or two assuming no use, while the battery back-up on the digital phone line only lasts for like 6 hours. This is not the point of this post, however. It is more about how neolithic to talk on a phone with a cord anymore, using the handset of all things. That always drove me crazy about work phones when you are more likely to be on the phone, essentially crippling you by removing one arm/hand from doing anything useful unless you wanted to cradle the phone against your shoulder and look the the hunchback of Notre Dame. My phone in high school had 9 speed dial storage on it, and I used to rank my friends accordingly. The part that made me a jerk was that I told people what rank he or she was, and probably hinted at ways they could move up the list. I am proud to say that no girlfriend ever unseated my best bro. Anyhow, this phone pictured below particularly sucks because it takes 4, count 'em, 4 double AA batteries to power the stupid caller id. That would be fine if they lasted forever, but they don't.
land line phone with cord