August 21, 2012

Scientific Keyboard Shortcuts for Plus/Minus, Micro, Greater/Less than or Equal to

If you do a bunch of technical writing, keyboard shortcuts are essential unless you want to keep going to the stupid character map which is hard to find, then you end up looking at the wing-dings for awhile and spelling weird things with graphics. Then you find out that Arial is a rip-off of some famous font called Helvetica. I digress. The way to go if you need a plus/minus sign is to hold ALT and hit 241 in sequence like so: ±. Same goes for micron ALT 0181: µ. Less than or equal is ALT 243: ≤. And greater than or equal is ALT 242: ≥. These I haven't quite committed to memory, so I have a little note for quick reference. I learned along time ago that the absolutely essential degrees symbol is ALT 0186: º. Note that this works for both the archaic farenheit or modern day celcius scales. Hmm, that would make a good post! FYI, you don't need a shortcut for just greater or less than: just use the shift key and the comma or period button genius. 
keyboard shortcuts for plus minus micron less than or equal greater than or equal