August 21, 2012

MS Word Spell Check Error Language Problem

Oh MS Word, how I loath thee, let me count the ways. Truth is, for every way I hate Word, there is a analogous thing that I love. In other words, the consummate love/hate relationship. This problem blows my mind, and there is not a whole lot of resources out there on how to fix it. Every once in awhile, especially when working on a historic document, Word's real time spell checker feels that you are spelling words wrong that are completely right (by putting the red squiggly line underneath). You think you are going crazy, and wonder why it is suggesting words like "clinicat" to correct "clinical." Here is what you have to do to fix it, using the hammer approach in Word 2007 (don't just add the word to your personal dictionary if you are using Word 2003, just leave).

1. Press CTRL and the A key to select everything in the entire document.
2. Click the Review tab on the Ribbon.
3. Click Set Language in the proofing section on the far left (the little globe with a check mark).
4. Select the language you want in the list box.
5. Make this the default language for future documents by clicking the Default button.
6. Click Yes in the message box.
7. Click OK.
MS word screenshot that thinks the word clinical is spelled wrong with red underline