August 29, 2012

Using Knuckles to Remember Numer of Days in the Month

The spouse showed me this trick: to remember how many days in each month there are, just hold your fists together and each knuckle or knuckle "valley" represents a month, from left to right, with knuckles representing 31 day months and valleys representing 30 days (or 29 for February [28 in a leap year!]). So the first knuckle on your left hand is January and has 31 days. The valley after the first knuckle on your left hand is February which, as stated, has 29 days except every four years it has 28 days for a leap year. The second knuckle on your left hand is March, which has 31 days, and the next valley is April and has 30 days. It is up and down until you reach where you fists meet and you have two knuckles in a row; this represents July and August having 31 days. Then down and up again until you reach December. The model is perfect, except there are too many knuckles, and the whole February thing...
two fists with knuckles aligned for use in knowing the number of days in each month