August 29, 2012

DIY Palm Reading

I once picked up a book for a dollar or something on "How to read palms." This turned out to be a wise move, because I knew just enough bullshit that girls would willingly let me touch their hands and let me tell them their palm meant. Later on in life, I claimed to be a masseuse because I read a book. Women will believe almost anything if you are genuine. Anyway, let me tell you what I remember about palm reading for no good reason. The line going from your wrist  around your thumb is your life line and tells you how long you will live. The longer the better, probably. The other lines tell you something about what type of person you are and some other junk. If I would have been smarter and suaver, I would have been more sensual and complimentary. Of course, instead, I probably freaked out some girls. All in good fun. BTW, my palm didn't say anything about the wicked callus I would get after getting married! 
palm of a hand