September 29, 2012

House Ladder

This ladder looks rather innocuous. The angle looks pretty steep and I am hoping that it is staked at the bottom. I've had one close call with an extension ladder that was not locked in to place, so that when I stepped on the second tier, the weight pulled the section of the ladder down and smashed my hands. Well, I am stuck halfway up the ladder, in pain, thinking I am stuck, and about to start screaming for help. Luckily, I calmed down, thought about the situation, made the appropriate moves and got "unstuck." But boy, I do not take ladders for granted anymore and do not use them without a helmet no matter how stupid I look. Gravity is a bitch, and the statistics are staggering for ladder related injuries (BTW, what was a 1-year old and 101-year old person doing on a ladder?).