September 28, 2012

Shoddy Playground

Unlike most, I do not like urban sprawl. Houses require people to build them and energy to sustain them, giving these industries the capacity to hire people, who go home and feed their families from legitimate means. What I don't like is not preparing for urban sprawl, e.g., roads and other amenities need to be improved upon. Case in point, this playground popped up in a neighborhood that is still being completed near us. Apparently a dozen or so local residents (me not included) went to the planning meetings and raised hell about too many town homes, so the council threw them a bone and built like 10 single family dwellings with about 5 feet of space between them. I need those people to go back and raise hell about the crappy little playground the builders put in to satisfy what I presume is a law that says they have to have a play area for so many homes built. They put no effort and no money into this supposed "park." I would be embarrassed to live near this thing. What is that net in the middle? Give me a break. Surprised they didn't use broken glass instead of bark mulch to save some pennies.
a playground with only 3 things