November 26, 2012

Pittsburgh Spirit Indoor Soccer Ball Souvenir

Fond memories of going to watch the Pittsburgh Spirit in the Civic Arena. The Pittsburgh Spirit of the old MISL had a soccer ball give away for one of their indoor soccer games many moons ago. A full size soccer ball! They even let the kids onto the field after the game to kick around. Chaos reigned supreme. The balls themselves were a horrible, hard plastic that a little kid like me nearly broke his foot on trying to kick. Those games were great, with the announcer blaring "Save Papaleo" every time the Spirit goalie made a save. We also once got seats in the one of the luxury boxes (very bourgeois), and the screen used to play the introduction for the team coming on the field came down right in front of our box. Us little boys screamed like little girls. It's the little things in life. 
orange soccer ball from the pittsburgh spirit indoor soccer team