November 29, 2012


While not a fan of made up terms, I do enjoy the peacocking phenomena. I probably did the exact opposite when I was young. Perhaps it could be called "skunking" though that is probably taken. I wore one pair of footwear (ratty tennis shoes), got my jeans at JC Penny, and wore whatever my mom happened to get me. Yes, DJ Jazzy Jeff and I had much in common. Then some kind girl in college took me under her wing and explained the nuances of clothing and the female species, though to this day I am still trying to understand why women notice other women's shoes. If only I had been told earlier they also can instantly tell much about a man by his shoes, I at least would have gotten some brown kicks from Pay Less or something. Well, guess she enjoyed having her own life size Ken doll cause we ended up tying the knot, except I don't remember tying no knot (double negative intended). Is that another fashion thing I missed out on. 
peacock hanging out on the grass