December 6, 2012

Atari Advantage Poster with Mario Bros.

It is kind of funny to see Mario Bros on an Atari Advantage poster since they double-handily put the nail in Atari's coffin when the NES came out. The back of this poster has about 40 games pictured and you were supposed to buy the game, attach the UPC and send it back to Atari when you had bough 5, 15, or 25 of the games. 5 got you a t-shirt that said "I am suker," 15 got you a free game called "Suk," and 25 got you a discount on a new Atari system and chance to write an essay for a 7-day expense-paid trip to Atari HQ. The essay had to be 25 words or less on why you like Atari video games. Mine would have been "suk suk suk suk." As you can see, I toed the company line by only using the letter k when a ck should be used. Clearly, I would have won.
atari advantage poster with various characters and systems