December 4, 2012

Atari Programming Sheet

This is a horrible picture of a assembler coding form that came with the Atari 800XL system a colleague entrusted me with. I assume he used it to assemble programs for use with Basic on the aforementioned Atari. I complained a bunch when taking C++ in college, even though I didn't mind programming all that much because it involved logic and skill. However, when our forefathers were programming back in the dark ages using Fortran and Cobalt (that, incidentally, were still being offered as courses when I was in high school in the 90s), they had to use punch cards for each line of code or something, then carry the the stack off them over to compiler to execute the program. Sorry if I am way off here, but even if what was just described was even in the same ballpark, then I simply would have switched to being a communications major. Same goes with having to write your program by hand on the sheet below; my hand cramps up even thinking about it.  
an IBM assembler coding form in green and white