December 19, 2012

Pasting Screenshots into Word

Sometimes, when trying to paste a screen shot into MS Word, either using the Snipping Tool or the alt+PrintScreen, especially from somewhere like Acrobat, the image and associated text in the image would come out noticeably blurry when compared to any image viewer. Searching the web had brought up mass confusion with people referring to obscure terms such as "anti-aliasing," WTF? Others said that all you had to do was use "insert" the image instead of  pasting it, or turn off/on image compression, or change your ppi to 96 from 72, or turn off Cleartype or smooth edges, or any number of settings that I couldn't find or didn't do anything to fix the problem. I thought I figured this out, if not by pure dumb luck, but by insane determination. However, I've had some trouble repeating the whole process. Nevertheless, I publish my findings here. Please note that I am running MS Word 2007 for the most part, but many of my documents end up needing to be 1997-2003 compatible. There in lies the problem. When I pasted the image a pure, unadulterated Word 2007 *.docx, the image came out crisp and clean. Indeed, the compatible with older versions of Word appeared to be the problem, but then it also turns out, if I am at anything other than 100% on the Zoom setting, the image appears fuzzy again. Apparently, all of this doesn't even matter since when it prints, it looks the same. And when you use the Web Layout view in Word, it looks fine as well. However, many documents are only viewed on the computer anymore, and I need to be consistent to look professional. Thus, I submit this screen capture of evidence that I am not insane, that the problem exists, and no one has been quite able to figure it out satisfactorily. The best luck I have had is to make the image a JPEG, and drag and drop into 2007+, then, if absolutely necessary, save as compatible with previous versions and cross your fingers.
two side by side images of the same screen capture with one appearing blurry