December 19, 2012

Too Many Pattern Attempted Android Message

Well, I let my toddler borrow my cheap, but capable, Polaroid tablet. I turned off the wi-fi so said toddler does not buy anything accidentally or come across some horrible blog like this one. I showed toddler and adult handler how to unlock tablet using the dot pattern. I get the tablet back with the message displayed in the image below: "Too many pattern attempts. To unlock, sign in with your Google account." No big deal, I think. Believing in my computer savvy, I am sure I will have it unlocked soon. Apparently, with the wi-fi off, there is no way for tablet to know it is me trying to get in. Six hours later, I am no closer to unlocking tablet than I am traveling back in time to stop myself from letting the toddler borrow my tablet. I give up hope and believe that I have tried everything. I end up flashing stock image from from SouthernTelecom website, erasing everything on internal memory. Start to rebuild tablet. Try to root tablet and install Google Play store as tablet originally had. Fail. Fail. Fail. Screwed. Screwed. Screwed. Long story short, luckily, someone named Elektrik over at came up with modified Polaroid roms to image on to the device using Live Suite (try this at your own risk). I get Google Play store back. Remove security pattern from tablet. All is well.
screen that appears on tablets and phones running android after too many pattern attempts