December 4, 2013

1997 Raleigh M20

This is the better half's college bicycle that she got a supposedly reputable dealer in Delaware (that's just fun to say). First of all, this is a dude's bike frame, not that women can't ride one, it would have been nice if she had been offered the women's specific design which has something to do with seat to handlebar distance (amongst other things). Also, at 14.5", the frame is way too small for someone about 5'6". Finally, and this was an all around problem in the nineties, this is a mountain bike when she has never been mountain bike riding in her life. Even though Hybrid bikes hadn't really appeared at this point, she would have been better off with something else (whatever that may have been). Nonetheless, at least they sold her a decent brand since Raleigh is reputable.
1997 blue raleigh m20 mountain bike