December 5, 2013

Wii Sensor Bar Repair

My Wii sees some love from the kids these days, but nearly as much as we thought it would when the thing was harder to find than a donor kidney. I went to clear the annoying blue flashing light message (that turned about to N/A since it was WiiU related), and I found that the sensor bar wasn't working. When I investigated, it turned out to be that the cable had been sheared in half by something sharp in the back of the TV where it is the wild wild west of cables. Cheapness once again reigned supreme as I didn't want to pony up for a new bar. Obviously I couldn't just tape the cable back together, so I opened the bar up since it had screws on the bottom. Too bad the screws were non-standard (looked like a Y), even for non-standard screws. Long story short, I was able to open it and, using the cable with the Wii connector on it, solder the two wires to the little chip board. Lo and behold, the thing worked. Glory be since I suck with a soldering iron.
the inside portion of a wii sensor bar