February 10, 2014

Disney Magic Band Watch

Copyright Best and Worst Ever: the Disney Magic Band Watch accessory. Everywhere we went in Disneyworld, I kept asking if someone knew of a Magic Band accessory that could tell me the time since I kept looking at my band thinking it was a watch. Like many, I've stopped wearing a watch except for exercise and formal occasions, preferring to check my phone for the time. But since I never seemed to have a free hand available to check my phone since it either had in it a 1) a kid, 2) food, 3) drink, 4) stroller handle, 5) ride handle, 6) bag or 7) autograph book. So as far as I know, there is no "watch" accessory for the Magic Band. Hence my little creation below that simply pops onto an open hole. Really, if they did have one of these for real, I would wear it and provide free advertising for Disney since the band is comfortable and fairly stylish. Also, I'd actually prefer LCD for size optimization.
red disney magic band with a watch attached