May 4, 2012

Mark McGwire Topps Rookie Card

Maybe this wasn't the best investment as a kid, right alongside my priceless, worthless comic book collection, but it did provide endless hours of fun. I would go with my father to some seedy shop in the big city, and haggle with the owner over a box of Topps baseball cards. You think I would be good at haggling today, but nay, I ended up paying more if it comes to negotiations. Nevertheless, I got my box of Topps and would open a pack a day for the summer. Savoring that stale chewing gum, looking at everyone's stats. Sometimes completing a set; mostly not. The conversation begins and ends with Topps. Oh I dabbled in Fleer, but my heart and wallet belonged to Topps. Then came the market saturation, with Upper Deck being the major offenders. Luckily, I was almost done with the card game at that point since I don't know if I could survive packs that cost double what they used because they contained a stupid hologram? Oh, I think about buying a pack of cards once in awhile, though I have no boys. I heard there was going to be cards with videos on them; that peaked my interest at one point, though I have no idea why except for the novelty. Probably all a ruse. These phase is best left with the memories I have, playing baseball with the actual cards on my carpet, using another card as the baseball and calling a player out based on where it landed and was thrown. Mark, your reputation may be somewhat stained now, but I will always have this picture of when we were both innocent.
1987 topps rookie card for Mark McGwire