May 2, 2012

NES Bases Loaded Cartridge

Upon further review, I am going to have to change the worst NES baseball game ever to Bases Loaded, simply for the fact that the reverse angle on hitting had to be the dumbest idea ever. Plus, after replaying some good old RBI Baseball, I realize now that the hitting was near perfect. Let me recount why I was considering RBI Baseball as the worst NES baseball game ever. While it did have actual player names, there were only 8 teams and did not include the best minor league team of all time, the Pittsburgh Pirates. There was no season mode, no playoffs, basically no replay value. Still, I rode Boston to as many wins as Theo Epstein did. The worst part of the actually game play was not being able to dive for balls on defense. And having the ball clunk off your head once in awhile. All baseball games for the NES had the curious situation of a defender being about twice as fast as a base runner. Suddenly these guys get out to the field and become the Flash? As you can see, I paid $0.79 for this used copy. Just checked online and that investment has lost be $0.78. Lame. You know what else sucked about Bases Loaded: it only said "JALECO" on the end of the cartridge, so when you had all your games nice and organized on a shelf, you couldn't tell what game this was.
bases loaded NES football game cartridge