May 3, 2012

5" Floppy Disk

Wow, the 5 inch monster from the 1980s(?). Why did they call it the 5 inch floppy? You guessed it: it was 5 inches of pure nothing. Actually, not so much, it was 5.25 inches. Sorta like a 2x4 not being 2x4 because the wood shrinks or something after they cut it. What is the excuse for the misnomer on these disks? Anyway, these were slow as hell, easily corrupted, this is one step up from the slide rule in terms of technology. This one was for an Atari system that used 5" disks. I don't miss them, but I am proud to have wasted time sitting there trying to get a computer to read the kilobyte of data so I could play my pathetic 1-bit game.
5 inch floppy disk for a computer