December 3, 2012

Atari Game on Tape Casette

Truth be told, I've never used the cassette attachment to play a game on the Atari. Still, I am fairly confident in stating that this didn't work well and besides, it is Atari week here at B&WE. After searching for a very very short time on the internet, I can't even figure out how the cassette games used to work. Well, I have Tank Arkade (sic) from 1982, but no cassette drive that would work with yon Atari. Plus, there are a whole lot of Acronyms on this little cassette. Perhaps I can throw this in my car tape player and see if it does anything (though last time I did that with a VCR tape I found in the woods when I was little and though it might be an adult film ended up fouling the VCR, but not to worry as I found out how to clean the heads using paper and isopropyl alcohol; the rents were none the wiser).
atari cassette game entitled tank arkade