May 30, 2012

DIY Attic Insulation

After many years, I gave up on the dream of using blown-in insulation to insulate my attic. After reading it really isn't that easy or that much cheaper, I found these fiberglass insulation rolls that looked like they would be fairly easy to install, and cheaper than batts. Why they call them batts I will never know. Upon closer inspection after getting into the attic, the little bit of blown in insulation that was there could best be described as inadequate and at worst as having a negative R rating, if that is possible. I wonder how much money was thrown away. Anyhow, my attic has many "joists" and the roof is at a low angle, making it hard to move around and get the insulation all the way in the corners. Turns out you shouldn't put it all the way against the edge of the roof anyway; something about ventilation. I wore a bicycle helmet with one of those LED lamps and saved my head some serious damage from the joists and nails sticking through the roof. I almost did a half-ass job, literally, since the rolls didn't quite fill in the space between the joists, however, in the end, I got some advice from some other do it yourselfer that used a serrated blade to cut the rolls in half (while still rolled up). That fit the gaps nicely and the attic looks like it has a nice blanket now. I kept track of the progress on this Google Doc. Tough to compare the temperature difference, but mentally, it makes me feel warmer in the winter. It doesn't really hep with the heat in the summer. Apparently I need to get some of the reflective stuff I used on the duct work and staple it to the rafters. Maybe next year.
rolls of fiberglass insulation in attic